Rainbow Rice


Ceri is a seasoned photographer with over two decades of experience capturing moments in and around the Harrogate area, focusing primarily on portraiture and events. Her work has been widely recognised and published in various prestigious publications. Notably, she recently collaborated on a project exhibited in Harrogate town centre, shedding light on domestic abuse awareness.
She pursued her passion for photography at Harrogate College, completing her degree to a high standard and mastering diverse photographic styles. Currently, Ceri operates her photography studio at Spa Studios, where she delivers top-notch portraits.
Additionally, Ceri has taken on the role of Creative Director at North Yorkshire Connected Spaces, a promising movement dedicated to assisting individuals in their recovery from substance misuse amongst other various life challenges. Her dedication to community engagement is evident through her involvement in raising awareness for causes such as environmental conservation and mental health well-being.
Having spent the last year and a half nurturing her business at Spa Studios, Ceri attests to the studio's significance in aiding her own mental health recovery. She firmly believes in the power of creativity as a vital tool for facilitating recovery in any context.
Photo Credit- James Thrippleton