‘ADHD and Me’ 

‘I decided to deactivate my Facebook to learn more about me, but alas it triggered my ADHD!

Simple things like shutting it down had become impossible to me. 

Whilst I was away I learnt that this would be the only way I could ever be truly free, from the psychological captivity I can now so clearly see…

And that is why you no longer see me, unless I am using my art to allow myself to be free.’

Ceri Wilkins, 2021

Photo Collage- ‘Self- Portraits Of My Mental Health’ Spring, 2020    

Over the past few years I have been on a journey of self- discovery- from understanding my ADHD, learning how to enjoy my own company and healing my trauma’s.

It occurred to me that somewhere deep inside through my art I have always held the strength to be able to use what has happened to me to help others become consciously aware of who they can be too.

Rhyming words is a favourite ADHD tick of mine, when I use it to my advantage with my hyper-focus skills I tell great stories, especially alongside my photography and creative art.

So please expect more storytelling from me lovely people.

I am forever grateful to you all.


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