Legendary Ladies

‘Legendary Ladies’ Around five years ago I was lucky enough to meet and work with the legendary Rachael Halliwell.

At the time I was not aware just how important and life changing for myself this meeting would be.

This woman has changed my perspective in so many ways; in particular since the beginning of last year.

I was very lucky to be picked to be a part of the play ‘Ourgate’.

It was whilst working on ‘Ourgate’ I met the second lady in the picture above, the wonderful Amie Burns- Walker.

Both of these ladies helped me get through the hardest year of my life, the year when I learnt about who I truly was.

They consistently reminded me how creativity is the greatest healer and encouraged me to keep being myself.

I am inspired by both of them tremendously, the concepts behind the theatre productions they produce is outstanding.

Please look up ‘122 Love Stories’ at Harrogate Theatre, from an insiders perspective it looks truly magical.

Thank you Rachael and Amie for all that you do, I am forever grateful.


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