Lens Flare At Whitby Abbey

‘Lens Flare At Whitby Abbey’

My big 40 birthday.

In January I turned 40…

Most folk hate getting older, I found it empowering.
There has been many an occasion where I never dreamed of reaching 40.

In the past all I wanted was huge celebrations and parties, indulging too much in things that were in reality very bad for me.

This year I barely told anyone it was my birthday.
I disappeared early hours of the morning with my friend and my dog so I could watch the sunrise at Whitby Abbey.

Since making the decision to choose life at the beginning of 2020 everything has changed in my reality.

My party life has faded…

I no longer feel the need to be around people all of the time
In fact I often prefer to be on my own or of course with my dog.

Spending time by the sea is the most perfect gift I could have wished for on my birthday.

Today I am grateful to myself for never giving up.


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