– Monia, My Creative Best Friend.

Hello lovely people- it’s been a while hey?!

I have been busy, clearing my mind of unwanted traumas so I can really start to concentrate on making my dreams come true.

It’s amazing the things you can achieve when you stop for a minute and truly start to concentrate on your life.

I have done a whole world of fun stuff this year with regards to photography including working with performance, creative projects, dogs, water droplets and so much more!

I have also become the proud owner of my own business!

Keen to photograph more of my new hobby in the new year- boxing!

In the meantime I will be updating my website so I can launch my business properly- right in time for my birthday at the end of January.

Slowly but surely I have been mastering the art of making my dreams come true-

When you learn to use what happened to you as a way to make you stronger you come to realise that you are the maker of your own destiny!

Thank you for following my work-

I will be back soon!


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