Welcome To The Wonderful World Of – ‘122 Love Stories’, Harrogate Theatre


‘122 Love Stories’

A choose your own adventure style immersive theatre production with magical twists and tales all combining into an epic musical theatre style finale!

Stepping back in time with the creative Harrogate Theatre bunch who allow us access all areas in this magnificent building full to the brim of character!


Along the way we stepped back in time to attend a wedding from the theatres past, met the characters from way back when who live under the stage, the butterfly ladies in the wardrobe, the legendary Alice ghost was of course also there and many other fun characters including my personal favourite – the pigeons!

The creative team and cast involved in creating ‘122 Love Stories’ go above and beyond anything and everything to be able to make this community, immersive dream come true.

We are so lucky here in Harrogate, I personally am immensely grateful to be part of this awesome team.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

Till we meet again lovely ones!


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